Yoga and Fitness

Yogalates @ Regeneration Fitness (#7-287)

Combine yoga and pilates and you’ve got an effective, efficient, whole-body workout. The movement and exercise combinations are designed to maximize strength, muscle tone, and flexibility while improving posture and conditioning.

Instructor: Dr. Kathleen Rea of Regeneration Fitness

Classes held Mondays and Wednesdays

sec 1) Mon Oct 3 – Nov 14……6-7:30p
sec 2) Wed Oct 5 – Nov 16……6-7:30p

sec 3) Mon, Jan 9 – Feb 20…….6-7:30p
sec 4) Wed, Jan 8 – Feb 22…….6-7:30p

sec 5) Mon, Mar 6 – Apr 17…….6-7:30p
sec 6) Wed, Mar 8 – Apr 19…….6-7:30p

Location: Regeneration Fitness, Argenta

Cost: Attend seven classes per session for $79.

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