About Arkansas Extended Learning Center

At Arkansas Extended Learning, when we say we have something for everyone, we really mean it! Whether it’s a class, a hands-on workshop, a seminar, or a specialized training, we offer everything from wine tasting and gourmet cooking to fly fishing, golf, languages, children’s classes, exam preparation, and computer instruction. Whether you are exploring a hobby purely for enjoyment, or working towards a personal or professional goal, it’s a simple philosophy . . . at A.E.L.C. we set the mark high.

We aim to please. The only reason we are here at all is because of you — so, we are here to help, in any way possible. Really! Our goal is to make sure you tell all your friends about the cool classes and fabulous crew at A.E.L.C. If you have questions, comments, ideas, suggestions, or yes, even issues – we want to hear it. We need to hear it. Your input helps us constantly improve the quality of our programs.

We’re pretty picky about our instructors. Yes indeed. They are hand-picked, and of course, expert in their respective fields. But we’re only interested in folks who absolutely love what they do and love to share their talents and skills with others. Seriously. That’s what makes every experience you have at A.E.L.C. exceptional, regardless of the kind of event you are attending.

We’re convenient. A.E.L.C. classes are held at convenient locations throughout the city; community centers, churches, restaurants, and various businesses, primarily in the Heights and west Little Rock areas. It has to be safe and convenient. We get that. We take it seriously.

You are one of us. Whether you are new to town or a long-time resident, single or married, beginning a new life or just starting to enjoy retirement, you will find your place at A.E.L.C. And you can send your children to us with confidence, for art camps and sewing lessons when they are young, and then later on, to prepare for college when they are teenagers and smarter than you. Because we treat your kids like we treat you, like you are one of us. Because you are one of us!

Arkansas Extended Learning is your own personal ticket to opportunity . . explore your hobbies and interests, develop new skills, and make your life just a little bit better – maybe even a lot better! Bring a friend, make a friend, or go solo and do something good just for you. It’s all just a keystroke or phone call away, so get started on your bigger, better life!

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