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Summer Fun for Everyone!

Our new Summer Schedule is here and you can download it now! Classes begin June 22nd and later.

The long carefree days of summer are here, and it's the best time to explore your hobbies and interests – at your leisure! Whether you want to be outdoors on the golf course or indoors in the kitchen or classroom, we've got just the ticket. And with our annual line up of Kid's Classes and Camps - we've got Summer Fun for Everyone, starting June 22nd and later!

At A.E.L.C. we offer the coolest classes, held at convenient locations throughout the city. Online registration and payment is a breeze, or you can call to register at 666.0759. And, we're here to help, so call on us, any time! And be sure to like us on (Arkansas Extended Learning) for special deals and discounts – and ask your friends to like us too. Color us into your plans and make this the best summer ever – we'll see you in class!

Download a copy of the 2015 Summer Schedule of Classes here for course descriptions, details, and registration information by clicking here.

Download a schedule for 2014-15 ACT Preparation Courses from our site by clicking here.